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buy canada goose jacket And once he retired, he devoted himself to eradicating global disease and improving education. Allen has spent his wealth on a hodgepodge of many interests. An avid reader, he showed us a Shakespeare Folio he keeps at his estate. This phenomenon happens because the speed of light does not change in the vacuum of space it is always moving along at a constant speed of 186,000 miles per hour so time slows down to keep the cars from passing each at speeds greater than the speed of light. The other effect humans will experience is the time dilation effect of moving at the speed of light. If an astronaut left earth for a 20 year trip into space and back at 99.9% the speed of light he would be surprise to see that 1,000 years have gone by on earth since he left and he will be basically the same in canada goose womens outlet appearance when he left buy canada goose jacket.